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Fox Supports WishBone Canine Rescue

Fox Supports WishBone Canine Rescue

Fox Supports WishBone Canine Rescue

Posted September 27, 2021

Fox Pest Control is a proud sponsor of Wish Bone Canine Rescue. They are Bloomington’s premier canine rescue and dog shelter, helping dogs find new homes and families. They rely on volunteers to rescue dogs from being euthanized at other shelters, and believe that every dog can be rehabilitated and find a happy, healthy home. 

One of the things that sets Wish Bone apart is that they firmly believe in a no kill philosophy, and have a mission of advocating for a No Kill McLean County. They routinely take on special cases of dogs with medical and behavioral issues and provide them with the help and training that they need. They also offer community programs such as pet vaccination clinics, and a pet pantry that offers food and supplies to those in need. 

Dogs adopted from Wish Bone Canine Rescue are all completely vaccinated, spayed or neutered, dewormed and more. This ensures that all dogs are ready for adoption, and new dog owners can enjoy their new pet without the headache of setting up vet appointments and vaccinations. Visit their website to learn more, donate, or find adorable pets that could become the next member of your family.

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